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Figure 3

From: Second hit in cervical carcinogenesis process: involvement of wnt/beta catenin pathway

Figure 3

Wnt signaling pathwhay in cervical cancer. Expression levels of some genes participating in the wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway are altered in CC. Interestingly, Planar Cell Polarity pathway (PCP) is present in normal epithelial cells but is down-regulated in CC. A possible mechanism to accomplish PCP down-regulation is the inactivation of sFRP transcription. Yellow boxes indicate a down-regulation of expression in tumor cervices' samples compared to normal cervices' samples. Red boxes indicate a higher gene expression in cervical carcinoma samples. Blue boxes show that a member of the indicated gene family is expressed in normal tissues, and another member of the same family in tumors. Green boxes indicate that the gene was not altered. Figure modified from Infect Agent Cancer. 2007; 2: 16.

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