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Archived Comments for: Utilizing video on myocardial infarction as a health educational intervention in patient waiting areas of the developing world: A study at the emergency department of a major tertiary care hospital in India

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  1. Health Educational Interventions

    Carlos Vazquez Perez, HCUN

    1 August 2008


    I find this article really interesting.

    I have always thought Educational Intervertions should be the main pillar of any Health System. How many diseases/disorders/injures could be avoided if a well addressed intervention had been performed... On the other hand teaching to general public how to act when diseases such as ischemic cardiopathy or stroke ocurrs is a basic objective.

    Nevertheless these interventions have to be well assessed to ensure that are valid and effective. Therefore works like this one are esential to reforce Educational Interventions.

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  2. Personal views on the video.

    David Secura, Private

    14 April 2009

    I have read the article, and I found it very useful and it has given me a lot of information about the things.

    Thanks for the valuable support.

    Drug Intervention Mississippi

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