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Table 5 Appendix 2. Following are questions 11–37 from administered survey.

From: Utilizing video on myocardial infarction as a health educational intervention in patient waiting areas of the developing world: A study at the emergency department of a major tertiary care hospital in India

Which of the following are common symptoms of a heart attack?
Question Number   Yes No Unsure
8 Sudden pain or heaviness in chest    
9 Being drowsy    
10 Passing urine    
11 Pain going from chest to left arm or under the throat    
12 Blindness    
13 Sweating throughout the body    
14 Dizziness    
15 Increased hunger    
16 Difficulty in breathing    
17 Fever    
Which of the following increases the risk of having a heart attack?
Question Number   Yes No Unsure
18 Smoking cigarettes    
19 Weight loss    
20 Obesity    
21 Depression    
22 Hypertension    
23 High cholesterol level in the blood    
24 Daily exercise    
25 Eating chocolates    
26 Sleeping too much    
27 Diabetes    
Which of the following helps a person when they are having a heart attack?
Question Number   Yes No Unsure
28 Chewing aspirin    
29 Taking a short walk    
30 Eating fruits    
31 Drinking water    
32 Placing ice on chest    
33 Going immediately to the nearest hospital    
34 Sitting alone in a dark room    
35 Eating vegetables    
36 Receiving medication through a vein    
37 Drinking tea