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Table 1 Some recombinant proteins used in clinical treatment

From: Recombinant proteins in therapeutics: haemophilia treatment as an example

Protein Clinical utility
Coagulant factors Haemophilia A and B
DNase I Cystic fibrosis
Erythropoietin Anaemia in chronic renal disease
Glucocerebrosidase Gaucher disease
Growth hormone Nanism hypophyseal
Insulin Diabetes
Alpha interferon Some leukaemias, Kaposi's sarcoma, hepatitis B and C
Gamma-1b interferon Chronic granulomatous disease
Interleukin-2, -3 and -4 Immunotherapy of cancer
Tissue-type plasminogen activator Acute myocardial infarction, massive pulmonary embolism
Antibodies for cellular immunotherapy Neoplasic processes
Vaccines Influenza, hepatitis A and B
Monoclonal antibodies anti-antibodies Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis