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Figure 2

From: Myocardium tissue changes caused by electrical transthoracic discharges in rats

Figure 2

Electromicrographs of left atrial cardiomyocytes sliced longitudinally. In (a): control group - sarcomere clearly delimited by the z lines (star), normal aspect of mitochondria (m) and paranucleate granules (arrows) with electron dark appearance were observed. In (b): electrical discharge group - note the high number of dropsy damaged mitochondria, disarranged sarcomere (star) and dispersed electrondense granules presence (arrows). In (c): post-discharge group - preserved mitochondria and electrondense granules dispersion tendency at the paranucleate region were verified seven days later to electrical discharges. Tangential cardiomyocyte image is visible (star). Amplification × 13.200.

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