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Table 1 Binding of integrin-derived peptides to midkine

From: Midkine inhibitors: application of a simple assay procedure to screening of inhibitory compounds

Name Sequence Origin Expected structure Binding constant to midkine (μM)
KQ9 KQNQVKFGS α4 247-255 α-helix 0.20
AM7 AMETNLV α4 359-365 β-sheet 0.95
MQ7 MQSTIRE α4 335-341 β-sheet 0.23
TF8 TFSQRIEG α4 419-426 β-sheet 0.14
KA11 KANAKSCGECI β1 29-39 α-helix 0.27
IE15 IENPRGSKDIKKNKN β1 80-94 β-sheet 0.30
PA9 PAKLRNPCT β1 200-208 α-helix 0.45