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Figure 1

From: Mesenchymal stromal cells for treatment of steroid-refractory GvHD: a review of the literature and two pediatric cases

Figure 1

Representative images of the skin of Case A demonstrating the course of cutaneous GvHD: A, Images show severe acute GvHD (grade IV) of the face, the left lower back region and left forearm 18 days after haploidentical SCT (= 4 days before application of third-party MSCs). B, Images taken at day +86 after haploidentical SCT (= 60 days after transplantation of MSCs) show an intact skin with remaining manifestations of GvHD grade I-II. C, Image of the face and upper chest showing an intact skin (day +498 after haploidentical SCT, corresponding to day +482 after transplantation of MSCs). Written informed consent was obtained from the patient's legal guardian for the depiction of images that may identify individuals.

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