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Table 1 Features of related cases with coincidence of sarcoidosis and Takayasu arteritis

From: Co-existing sarcoidosis and Takayasu arteritis: report of a case

Author Sex/Age (years) Chronology Clinical complaint Laboratory results USCD/CT scan Treatment
Weiler [1] Female/39 12 year history of sarcoidosis Cardiac failure transient ischaemic attack ESR 30 mm/h - Surgery Glucocorticoid
Kerr [2] Female/32 ans Concomitant Polyarthritis, uveitis - Subclavian steal syndrome -
Korkmaz [3] Female/29 4 year history of sarcoidosis Pain in the left arm, 15 kg weight loss erythema nodosum diminished left radial pulse Haemoglobin 11 g/dl, WBC 15 700/mm3, ESR 70 mm/h. Complete obstruction of the left subclavian, left vertebral and superior mesenteric arteries, and diffuse narrowing in the left common carotid artery Azathioprine 150 mg/day+ Prednisolone 60 mg/day
Schapiro [4] Female/42 2 year history of sarcoidosis Arteritis claudication, stenocardia - Diffuse narrowing of Aortic bifurcation and subclavian arteries Glucocorticoid, cyclophosphamide
Taeib [5] Female/11 2 year history of sarcoidosis Headache, hypertension - Stenosis of Aortic arch -
Robaday [6] Female/26 1 year history of sarcoidosis Right painful upper limb Haemoglobin 10,4g/dl, ESR 80 mm/h. Inflammatory humeral, axillary and subclavian arteritis Presdnisolone 55 mg/day
  1. USCD: Ultra Sound Colour Doppler; WBC: white blood cell count; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate