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Table 5 Examples of medication administration errors in the ICU of JUSH, April 2011

From: Medication administration errors in an intensive care unit in Ethiopia

S. no Examples of medication administration errors
1 Crystalline penicillin was administered 5 times a day instead of 6 times for all patients, i.e. it wasn’t administered at 2:00 am for all patients
2 Metronidazole IV was mostly missed in the ICU because of lack of the drug in that preparation
3 Quinine IV was mostly missed because it wasn’t available
4 Lovastatin was mostly missed because of lack of the drug
5 Rate of administration of dopamine was 80drops/min which was different from what was labeled on the IV fluid bag, i.e. 30 drops/min for a 60 years old male patient
6 Doses of ceftriaxone were missed for a 35 years old female due to lack of the drug
7 Dose and rate infusion of metronidazole was arbitrarily determined for a 4 years child (250 mg was given in 500 mg/100 ml )
8 Ampicillin was given to an 8 years old male child although the order sheet reads as Cloxacillin
9 An 18 years female patient continued taking methyldopa even after the physician ordered to discontinue the medication
10 Most medications in the morning were being given after 7:00 am instead of 6:00 am
11 Most medications in the afternoon (especially during the weekends) were given before 5:00 pm
12 The morning dose of ceftriaxone was missed for an 8 years female child