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Table 1 Main studies regarding the effects of sidestream cigarette smoking on cardiac autonomic regulation

From: Sidestream cigarette smoke and cardiac autonomic regulation

Authors and year Main conclusions
Valenti et al., 2010. Three weeks of exposure to SSCS did not affect baroreflex function in Wistar rats.
Valenti et al., 2010. SSCS exposure affected the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses to changes in blood pressure in WKY rats while it influenced the sympathetic reaction in SHR.
Cobb et al., 2012. Waterpipe smoking impairs heart rate variability. Moreover, exposure to smoke components different from nicotine causes the similar effects.
Valenti et al., 2012. Exposure to SSCS impairs cardiovascular responses through its influence on catalase mechanism into the 4th V.
Ordoñana et al., 2012. Cardiovascular reaction to environmental tobacco smoke is associated with individual craving in smokers. Psychophysiological responses to environmental tobacco smoke are increased in smokers.
  1. WKY: Wistar Kyoto rats; SHR: Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats; 4th V: Fourth Cerebral Ventricle.