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Table 4 Comorbidity

From: Long term evolution of patients treated in a TIA unit

Cardiological Neoplastic Neurological
Cardiology admission at 24 h: 1 pancreatic carcinoma with liver metastases secondary to liver transplantation for HCV cirrhosis 2 patients with suspected seizures
  1 patient with a real seizure few months after the TIA
Orthostatic syncope later admitted in Cardiology 1 carcinoma i.s. of vocal cord 1 patient with falls (parkinsonism)
Recurrent syncope (subcutaneous Holter) 2 colon carcinomas 1 optic neuropathy (fistula)
Angina consultation: 2 patients 1 pelvic cystic tumour 1 head trauma in an anticoagulated patient without incidences
Heart failure: 7 patients with income, some multiple 1 Non-Hodgkin’s mantle-cell lymphoma in amygdala 1 ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus
Prosthetic valves: 2 patients 1 prostate carcinoma 1 Wernicke encephalopathy
Anaemia and heart failure: 1 patient; discontinued anticoagulants 1 lung cancer 10 patients (6.2%) with a diagnosis of cognitive impairment during follow-up, mean age 81.1 years
  1 pulmonary nodule study