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Table 2 Main characteristics of the studies that were included in the systematic review

From: Nutritional strategies of physically active subjects with muscle dysmorphia

Author/Year Population/Sample Results
Olivardia; Pope Jr.; Hudson (2001) 24 men with MD and 30 without MD Athletes with MD have more body dissatisfaction, different eating attitudes, consume more anabolic and have more eating disorders than weight lifters without MD
Pope (et al., 2005) 63 men physically active subjects at fitness centers in Chicago, USA 14 men have been confirmed with MD. These are likely to have attempted suicide, poorer quality of life, greater frequency of substance use disorder and anabolic steroid abuse
Kanayama (et al., 2006) 89 men weightlifters from Massachusetts and Florida were evaluated upon symptoms of MD Consumption of anabolic steroids among men with MD reveals the quest for the perfect body which leads to a stereotyped view of manhood