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Table 6 Main characteristics of the studies that were included in the systematic review

From: Nutritional strategies of physically active subjects with muscle dysmorphia

Author/Year Population/Sample Results
Behar e Molinari (2010) Cross evaluation of 88 male weightlifters of fitness centers in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso (Chile) Weightlifters spend more time caring for the body than the students, 42% have MD and 67% use anabolic steroids
Damasceno (2010) Systematic review of 64 studies on the subject Physically active subjects do not eat a balanced diet and consume great quantities of dietary supplements and anabolic steroids
Trog e Teixeira (2009) 63 bodybuilders (39 men and 24 women) in 4 gyms of Irati (PR) aged between 19 and 27 years Most men make use of dietary supplements, and women in a lower percentage. Many recognize the health risks, admit to feel harmed, but continue to increase muscle mass