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Table 2 factors that motivated joining the programme (n = 349)

From: Evaluation of a web based tool to improve health behaviours in healthcare staff

Why did you decide to take part?* Number Percent
To improve my general health 269 77.1
To get fitter 207 59.3
To feel better about myself 145 41.5
To improve my body image 124 35.5
To have more energy 122 35.0
To prevent ill health later in life 118 33.8
To improve my mental well-being 78 22.3
To help me encourage others to improve their health 68 19.5
My local Champions for Health link person encouraged me to take part 24 6.9
I was inspired by the celebrities supporting the programme 4 1.1
I was inspired by the case studies I read about other people taking part 5 1.4
  1. *Note: individuals could select more than one answer.