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Table 5 Additional aspects of the programme which respondents commented on and suggestions for change

From: Evaluation of a web based tool to improve health behaviours in healthcare staff

Main themes presented Key quotes
Additional aspects of the programme which respondents found helpful
Weekly data entry and process charts “I think actually recording what you have previously achieved inspires you to continue when things are a little difficult”
“Recording what I did each week and seeing the patterns - I was able to target areas for improvement”
“The main thing which helped me was to be able to log my daily results. This was the single biggest help form the Champions for Health resources”
Promotion of health in the workforce and endorsement by leaders “I’ve worked for the NHS for nearly 30 years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen or been involved in something like this”
“The fact that the NHS is focused on focusing on the health and well being of our workforce was really positive message”
Increased awareness of lifestyle choices “Before C4H I thought I was a pretty healthy person. Doing the assessments shocked me as I didn’t come out as well as I thought so it’s given me a wake-up call”
Communication “I really liked the different routes of communication”
“the text messages did spur me on to be more healthy and have since joined local slimming club and am doing really well”
Suggestions for change
Website “make the website more user friendly and easier to input your details”
“the website was not easy to navigate- this put me off using it”
“the layout of the dashboard and website- quite confusing”
“Maybe just a little booklet to help me find my way around the website”
Communications directed towards making and sustaining change “There was no understanding of the process of making and sustaining change”
Media awareness “More national media coverage would have been useful- with stories in local newspapers to keep profiles raised in communities in which these people live”
Channels of communication “Have an app for entering information, Don’t make it so arduous-filling it in everyday was too much”
“maybe a phone app as this would have likely led to me continuing to monitor my progress with you”
Tailoring communication channels and level of engagement “I didn’t realise beforehand I would be receiving texts messages- I would have preferred not to receive these”
“Perhaps more checks along the way to help the quiters come back”
“Would there be a way of switching off the texts and emails should circumstances be that you no longer wanted them or perhaps reduce the frequency”
Proactive events to promote interaction and contact with other Champions “When people sign-up – they should be told that their names will be added to a list for viewing by the C4H team unless they specifically request anonymity”
“It would be helpful to know who the other Champions were”
“Maybe some proactive engagement would have helped – e.g. events (maybe a walk/run- seminars-drop in advice/screening day)”
“Having a more interactive link to smoking cessation programmes- virtual support groups/chat rooms/buddying systems with people who you don’t know”
“More strongly encouraging a buddy system. As I work on the nurse bank I don’t have regular colleagues to support me (or to support)”
Encouragement at the local level “I did not have the time or inclination to keep going online- a local contact and motivator would be ideal to keep you focused”
“I need someone to check up on me”
“A little disappointed that there was limited encouragement from Health Board level to take part”
“I think the recording of weight should be done at work by a nominated person”
“I approached the link person for help with losing weight – they said they’d call me to discuss but they never did”
Seasonality “The Winter period is not the time to eat salad and try cycling/power walking in freezing conditions! Overall the concept was good- just bad timing”
Move from top-down to bottom-up approach “Find out what staff want and what might help them”