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Figure 1

From: A software tool for the analysis of neuronal morphology data

Figure 1

Branch identification and genealogy. (A) According to a putative digital neuronal reconstruction, it is possible to isolate all segments that belong to a specific dendritic tree. (B) The branch identification procedure allows detecting all branches (represented with different colors), each one containing a series of connected segments (numbers of segments beside each branch). (C) First-name assignment provides an arbitrary but unique numerical label to each branch. (D) For a specific branch, full-name assignment 'routes' the names of the preceding branches backwards to the soma. A branch is identified by its full-name, which also provides information about its ancestors (i.e. how many ancestors it has and which are their first-names). (E) An isolated basal dendritic tree from CA1 cell pc4c_b (same as in Figure  2 , panel E). Different branches are rendered using different random-assigned colors. Calibration bars 100 μm.

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